1. We Are Hiring !

    Job Title - Senior Auditor

    Job Location - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Job Description – We are currently in search of a Senior Auditor, to direct and integrate the auditing process. We'll rely on you to handle overall audit engagements from the beginning up to the execution of the auditing process.  You'll be responsible for a certain portfolio of clients as specified.

    • Preparation of audit strategy and plans.
    • Assigning tasks to junior or staff auditors.
    • Evaluating and reviewing the team's work for accuracy and compliance.
    • Perform risk and control assessments.
    • Present audit findings and find ways to increase compliance.
    • Lead client audit engagements, which include planning executing, directing, and completing financial audits 
    • Proactively interact with client’s management to gather information, resolve problems, and make recommendations for business and process improvements.
    • Perform other job related duties as necessary.

    • Applicant must be bilingual (Arabic & English).
    • Experience of 3 years or more as an auditor in a recognized firm.
    • Should have BSC/BA in Accounting or Finance
    • ACCA, CPA, CMA certifications shall be an advantage.
    • Good command in MS Office and Accounting software.
    • Ability to thrive in a dynamic team environment.  
    • Excellent project management, analytical, interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.
    • Dedicated to superior client service.

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  2. SMACC Training Session

    Training session held at our firm regarding the SMACC (Management Accounting Program) developed by The Arabian Sea Company. An external instructor, Mr Khalid Atayyab, was invited to conduct the session. Such sessions are held regularly at our firm in order to retain and enhance the skills of our staff.
    1. Managing Director
    2. Managing Director
    3. Managing Director
    4. Managing Director
  3. Skill Retention Strategies

    'We are keen on keeping our staff upto date with the current knowledge & principles which gives us a competitive edge. We encourage development in skills and experience through relevant training sessions. We consider cross training & mentorship programs, in order to create a ladder that can help employees acquire the skills they need to move up.'
    1. Managing Director
    2. Managing Director
    3. Managing Director
    4. Managing Director
    5. Managing Director
    6. Managing Director

IFRS Training Session

As per laws, the audit firms are required to convert from SOCPA standards to IFRS standards. Hence, IFRS training session was held at our firm for the staff by an external well qualified speaker Dr. Amgad F Mahmoud. The training lasted for a week and consisted of detailed discussions on IFRS standards. Such training sessions are frequently encouraged in order to maintain the quality of our work and to remain up to date with the current standards in the industry.